The curriculum is based on 7 business building blocks:


1: Introduction to entrepreneurship

  • Includes the characteristics of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial activities in SA


2: Idea creation & innovation

  • Includes techniques to generate ideas and highights the importance of unique ideas or ideas that add value


3: Developing the individual

  • Includes identifying your vision and mission, learning to communicate effectively


4: Developing the professional

  • Includes time management, presentation skills, professionalism in the work place, career development


5: Doing business in South Africa

  • Includes an introduction to economics and the South African business environment (includes requirements for setting up a business and introduction to support organizations).


6: The Four Legs of the Table (Mr Ackerman’s business strategy)

  • Includes introductions to marketing, HR, operations, strategy, business numeracy and cost accounting


7: Idea testing & implementation



Students have to fulfil academic requirements in order to pass the course and graduate. Students who successfully complete the course receive UCT/UJ short course certificates.