Online Application Form

Please prepare the following documents before you start to fill in the online form (as the form must be completed in one go).

  • A copy of the front page of your South African Identity Book or passport (If you are a foreign national please include copy of visa or residence permit)
  • A photo of yourself (head and shoulders)
  • A copy of your academic certificates and/or Senior Certificate
  • Reference Letter (from any organisation in which you have been actively involved e.g. school, employer, religious institution, volunteer organisation
  • Essay questions: attach your answers to the following questions (in a Word document)
    1. Why would you like to study at the Raymond Ackerman Academy? Include in your essay how you think this programme will help you in your career and/or to becoming an entrepreneur and where you see yourself in 5 years’ time (you can include your goals, areas of interest(s), what you are hoping to achieve in your career etc.)

    2. Please write a short personal history of yourself. Include in the essay: 3 words you would use to describe yourself, as well as any information you would like to include on your background, your achievements, your strengths, areas you would like to develop, your biggest challenge(s) and how you overcame it etc.

    3. What is your understanding of having an entrepreneurial mind-set?


Each answer should be at least one page, i.e. between 500 – 1000 words (size 11 font typed or clearly hand written).

Please submit your application form with all the attachments by the 23 November 2018.

Click below to complete the form online: